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Tech Transfer

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Joint Lab IIT - Intellimech

2020 - Ongoing

This joint laboratory results from the partnership with some of the main innovation players in Bergamo, a highly industrial and technological province. The joint lab, name JOiiNT LAB, is promoted by Intellimech, a consortium of companies aiming at fostering technology transfer and creating a synergy between the world of research and industrial needs.

qb robotics

2011 - Ongoing

Qbrobotics is an Italian company founded in 2011 as a spin-off from IIT and Centro di Ricerca "E. Piaggio" from Università di Pisa, which aims to foster innovation and drive the diffusion of the pioneering technologies that will propel the next generation of robots.

The future of robotics is soft, which means that technology should bring current tools closer to human beings. Soft robotic technologies is the next step in the direction of safe and high-performance engineering and qbrobotics aims to free these groundbreaking technologies from a constrained scientific environment and bring them to everyone daily life.